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A few comments from our students

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We came into the office and found this on our whiteboard!

- Ashley K.

As I found myself unemployed for the first time in almost 40 years, I was most apprehensive about my future prospects, especially in today’s economy. What really frightened me was the thought of returning to school to gain the necessary skills for a change in careers.
After visiting your Scotrun location and speaking with Carrie and Donna, my fears started to subside. I visited other schools as well, but did not get the caring and positive feeling that I received at your school.
I started class and met Suzanne who made me feel right at home and comfortable in my new environment. She is an asset to your school and treats each student with compassion and understanding. Suzanne was always ready to assist as needed, and together with Donna gave me the tools to succeed in my new profession.
As I am now certified as a Medical Administrative Assistant, I look forward to starting a new chapter in my career.


- Deborah B.

I graduated from college, and took some graduate level classes; but, I have been out of school for well over ten years. I was a little scared of how I would learn all I needed to know in only twelve weeks.  My instructor, Carrie, was supportive from day one.  She talked with me, explained how everything worked, and left me to learn at my own pace.  Although, whenever I was truly stuck and needed help, she would always help me.  The help always came with a smile.  She answered e-mails promptly, and always was prepared for the day.  She encouraged me when I was having problems, and praised me when I was performing above average.  She made me feel like I had my own personal career/education coach in my corner, always waiting to give me the support I needed.  The same goes for you as well, George.  You were very supportive of my success, and helped me when I was struggling.  You always answered my questions, and even took plenty of time out of your own time to call me, even calling me on the weekend.  Not many people have the level of dedication that you possess.  You even loan laptops out, with mouse, 2 keyboards, power cable, ear buds, and carrying case.  The amount of effort put forth by PrimeTech to help each student succeed is extraordinary, doing everything in your power to make going back for educational/vocational training as easy a process as possible. 
In the end, I passed my certification test on my first attempt.  I had more call-backs from job leads the last week than I had the whole time I was unemployed.  I have recruiters finally contacting me about careers.  Although I would love to take all the credit for this, I know it was due to the educational opportunity made available by yourself, George, and by all the great employees at PrimeTech Training, including Carrie and Bonnie.  I would recommend this program to any adult who is unhappy at their current job, unemployed, or just hungry for knowledge.  The cost is very affordable.  In my case, I paid absolutely no tuition.  Bought barely any supplies.  Paid nothing for all the notebooks and textbooks I needed.  Despite this, I feel my education at PrimeTech rivals the education I received in college.  It may even be better, since I am having an easier time finding a rewarding career now.  Basically, I am just trying to say thank you, George.  You created a very beneficial program to help out struggling individuals, as long as they are willing to put the effort in.  What you do makes a difference in this world.  You help other achieve their career goals.  You have a support staff that shares in your passion to help others.  I cannot stress how much I appreciate all you have done for me, and all I will be able to accomplish due to your efforts.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

- Raymond C

PrimeTech Training is a major difference maker, and that’s an understatement. As a recent Penn State graduate and because of my background at PrimeTech Training, I earned high grades in very challenging projects and exams. This school helped me become more disciplined and motivated. PrimeTech also assisted me in receiving many phone calls for interviews and great job offers. Without my training at PrimeTech, I would’t have had so many opportunities. My personal opinion is that PrimeTech has done the whole world a favor by the simple fact that it exists. If you’re reading this, do yourself a favor and give PrimeTech a call.

- Terry G - Lehighton, PA

Dear PrimeTech,
            I would just like to thank you for all your assistance. The staff and instructors have been so helpful and understanding through out my whole time here. With the structured lesson plans and various tools provided by the school, I feel more then prepared to go into the workplace as an IT technician. From day one I felt at ease to ask any question no matter how insignificant I felt it may have been. The hands on training was especially helpful and much appreciated as well. I would certainly suggest prospective students to give a hard look at PrimeTech for their educational needs! I certainly won't forget my time here and will be sure to keep in contact!

 Regards and Thanks,

- Paul W.

I would like to take a moment out of your busy day to express my gratitude to you for affording me the opportunity to attend your program. 


I studied Medical Office Specialist under Carrie in your Wilkes Barre location.

Carrie is enthusiastic, very knowledgeable, professional and most articulate in her teaching demeanor.  She guided me flawlessly through my coursework with constant support and positive reinforcement to keep me moving forward even when I felt anxious regarding the work load or lacked confidence to feel successful.  (thank you Carrie!)

 Upon completion of this course I am excited to reenter the work force with my new skill sets provided to me through your organization. 

 I do fully realize the process you must go through in order to receive funding to do what you do.

I applaude you for your contribution and desire to see society become it’s best. I appreciate that you are so willing to honor second chances to those of us who did not take advantage of learning opportunities at other times in our lives.

 With humility and gratitude that you have such heart,