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PrimeTech Training is first and foremost a community minded entity created to help individuals empower themselves.

For Individuals

We are an training provider enabling growth and success to individuals by enabling them to become valuable in new positions through national certification training.

For Employers

We are a technology education facility enabling growth and success to employers through their primary resource, their employees

Our Goals

We service both individuals and employers, because we realize you can't have one without the other! Our overall goal is not education, certification, or job placement. Our goal is helping people change their lives for the better!

How we started, we've been in your shoes!

All of the employees of PrimeTech Training have been laid off from other companies at one point or another during their careers and found themselves facing the same issues many of our students are in. The Founders of Primtech Training sought a way to use our collective experience in order to help individuals leverage the assets available to them in order to enhance their employment potential.


Without a system you can not move forward. The employees of PrimeTech Training have spent literally decades developing a system that is:

Most importantly our system of learning and Certification just plain works, and we have the stats to prove it!!!